This privacy policy is provided to clarify the collection and management of personal information, and the utilization policy of our website.
Please provide your personal information after you have understood this privacy policy.

Management of personal information

On our website, we require your personal information when you inquire, place an order or an estimate, and apply for other services.

“Personal information” here refers to information that identifies individual such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. We believe that observing law and other norms regarding protection of personal information can help us to gain confidence from society.

On this website, protection of personal information is dealt based on the basic policy below.
・We collect, manage and cite it properly.
・Custody and disposal of personal information will be done properly.
・Law and norms regarding personal information will be observed.
・We work on continuous improvement for protection of personal information.

About use of personal information

On this website, we strictly limit the use of personal information to services that customers apply spontaneously to and to improve customer’s convenience.

Cookies Usage Policy

We use permanent cookies as a mean to record definition marks of the web server that customers access. Cookies are necessary to record the customer’s computer exchanging information with our web server.

Regarding cookies, there is a possibility of malevolent website illegal accesses. Yet, on this website, personal information such as address, phone number, email address and credit card number, which may harm individual customers, is not collected by cookies.

About access log

On this website, information of those who access will be recorded as access log. Recorded information includes IP address, date of access, yet none of information that identify individuals is included in the record. We do not use access log for any other purpose than management of the website and analysis of usage information.

About SSL

On this website, SSL is applied to all pages. Customer’s information is sent after it is encrypted. We work on prevention of loss, falsification, leakage, and illegal access of customer information, to provide service safely.

Providing Personal Information to Third Persons

Personal information will never be given to any third person without the customer’s permission.
However, depending on the operation, there is a case that we disclose information to an agency on condition that they never use it for any other purposes. Moreover, we disclose the information when it is demanded to be public by law.

Changing Privacy Policy

This privacy policy can be changed at any time if considered necessary, without any notice. When our services that require personal information are used after changing the policy, it is considered as you agreed to the change.

Inquiry destination

To correct or change personal information, and for any other inquiry please contact us at the contact information below.


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Telephone: (852) 3484 8117
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